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Dienstag, Januar 18, 2005

自行車運動cycling 與健康的關係

Cycling Gets Your Heart Rate Up

I love to run. I enjoy aerobics. And walking is great too. These are all good ways to get your exercise, and the combination of various activities provides the variety which is absolutely essential to a successful workout plan. I do believe, however, that nothing gets the heart rate up quite like cycling.

Think about the muscles you use to ride your bike…all the major muscle groups in your legs.

Those big muscle groups require a LOT of blood to do all that pedal spinning. And pumping blood is exactly what increases your heart rate. When training with a heart rate monitor, you will notice that you can sustain a pretty high heart rate for a considerably long time on a bike without feeling the need to stop. This is why cycling is such a great form of exercise.
Cycling also trains your body in the art of recovery. Whether biking on the road, trails, or bike paths, the natural variety in the terrain provides interval training without any thought on your part at all. Just respond to the rise in the road, and your heart rate goes up. Then recover on the downhill, and get ready for the next climb or obstacle. Varying your workout intensity is a great way to increase your overall fitness, without having to go hard all the time.
The best workout plan includes variety of aerobic activities, and cycling is an extremely effective way to become a well-rounded athlete.


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