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Donnerstag, September 22, 2005


Whether you race or not, cross-training is extremely important for all runners. It builds your "non-running" muscles and balances muscle groups. It boosts cardiovascular fitness and adds variety to a routine. Cross-training can help prevent injury and most important, it can improve your running performance.
The question is how to incorporate cross-training into your routine. That depends on your goals and interests. To help you choose what's right, we've assembled a list of the most popular cross-training activities from a runners' perspective. Cycling & Spinning Cycling and spinning are two of the most common cross-training activities for runners. Biking can work your leg muscles even harder than uphill running, but without the hard impact. With spinning classes, typically, instructors will crank up resistance to simulate tough uphill rides, or use one-minute 'burns' spent out of the saddle to condition the quads (a muscle group that is weak in many runners who avoid cross-training). It should be noted these hard spinning sessions are not meant as a rest day. If you want to use spinning as a recovery session, check with the instructor for an appropriate class.
Swimming When it comes to cross-training, some runners swear by swimming. It provides an excellent aero workout, making it a great option for marathoners and injured runners. Swimming primarily builds upper body strength. So while running hard two days in a row isn't advisable, it's okay to swim hard the day after an intense run -- because you're working completely different muscle groups.
Elliptical trainer This machine has key advantages for runners, especially when compared against indoor treadmills and stairstepping machines. Because the elliptical trainer closely mimics the natural foot motion of jogging but doesn't require lifting the foot, its motion is completely fluid and non-jarring. This makes it a great cross-training choice for injured runners. What's more, the elliptical trainer works your arms and legs together. This makes the exercise more intense in a shorter time span, while also boosting overall strength in a way running doesn't. To get the most out of an elliptical workout, spend 1/4 of the time going backwards (running backwards) to work the front of the legs.
Rowing Rowing is a cross-training classic. For runners looking to balance their core area with the strength they have earned in their legs, this is a great choice. Rowing works your arms, shoulders, back, and more than anything—your abdomen. Whether you're rowing indoors or out on a lake in summer, the benefits can be dramatic. The one thing to practice if you're new to rowing is form. Have a qualified trainer check that your posture is correct to maximize the workout.
Speedwalking Not too long ago runners tried to avoid walking. Yet now it has become an integral part of marathon training for some runners. That's because speedwalking, or "fitness walking", works your running muscles without as much impact. But a word of caution: just because you can run 10 miles, don't think you can speedwalk as far right off the bat. While the two activities have obvious similarities, they do use some muscles differently. Your butt and hips may get quite sore after 5 or 10 miles, so you'll want to ease into distance speedwalking.
Yoga & PilatesYoga is one of the most dynamic cross-training activities. That's because it can be used to build all around body strength, while also stretching and conditioning "running" muscles. Yoga improves balance, increases range of motion, and some use it as a way to relax the day after a long run. Many runners also like Pilates, a similar physical and mental conditioning program focused on improving flexibility and strength—without building bulk. Pilates is a great way to improve posture, lengthen muscles, and develop core abdominal and back strength—all integral to running performance.
Step Aerobics & Fitness DanceOne of the most basic daily movements makes a great cross-training exercise. Step aerobics delivers a heart-pumping lower body workout that is much easier on joints than running. Class instructors will teach the basic moves and then put them together in a choreographed sequence. But the beauty of it is, if you know the simple moves, you can do this kind of cross-training almost anywhere. Fitness Dance, growing in popularity, takes a similar approach. Instructors teach moves one-by-one and then put them all together in one dance routine. The result is a cardio workout that raises heart rates to that of an intense run, but without the harsh impact on knees, ankles and joints.
Strength Training / Weight LiftingStrength training is doing exercise that uses your own body weight for resistance (such as pushups and sit-ups). Weight training uses weights for resistance (such as the shoulder press or leg curls). Some studies have shown that strength and weight training can improve running economy, which means running faster with the same oxygen uptake. In high level runners, this can mean clipping valuable seconds or minutes off 10K times. For the majority of casual runners, the added strength can have the same effect, and help create a more enjoyable running experience.
Cross Country Skiing & SkatingSimilar to the elliptical machine, cross-country skiing is another complete body workout for runners—without the hard impact. It incorporates upper body, lower body and core strengthening with an intense aerobic workout. Skating – both on rubber and on blades – is another great cross-training activity because it works lateral muscles, which help trail runners improve performance.
Keep it FunBefore starting cross-training, first assess your goals, and start slow. Try to find a group or class to learn more about the sport or activity. Do your research. But above all, have fun. Ultimately, these are activities meant to boost your running performance, and you'll be far more likely to stick with it if it's something you genuinely enjoy.

Dienstag, August 30, 2005


健美理論中用RM表示某個負荷量能連續做的最高重復次數。比如,練習者對一個重量只能連續舉起5次,則該重量就是5RM。只能竭盡全力舉起一次的重量(1RM)就是最大肌力。 研究表明: 1- 5RM的負荷訓練能使肌肉增粗,發展力量和速度; 6-10RM的負荷訓練能使肌肉粗大,力量速度提高,但耐力增長不明顯;10-15RM的負荷訓練肌纖維增粗不明顯,但力量、速度、耐力均有長進; 30RM的負荷訓練肌肉內毛細血管增多,耐久力提高,但力量、速度提高不明顯。 可見,5-10RM的負荷重量適用於增大肌肉體積的健美訓練 我所想要聲明的論點在於RM(反覆數)的觀念,就是造成肌肥大的觀念這是我所說的訓練方式不同 當然,肌肥大、肌力、肌耐力都是息息相關、相輔相成的沒有基本的肌耐力,肌力便會有一定的瓶頸

Samstag, Juni 18, 2005


作者: 張坤進(膠州二中)
  溫水浴也是理療的一種方法,是最方便最快的消除疲勞的方法之一。有溫度、水壓的要求,水溫以42度C加減4度C最適宜,時間一般為10 ~ 15分鐘,最長不超過20分鐘。每天不超過兩次,入浴時間長、次數過頻,將會因消耗能量而更加疲勞。
新聞來源:SportsNT 運動神網

Freitag, Juni 03, 2005

[公告]Jenny's sky

[公告] Jenny 's sky 6/2/05 11:20:13 am對生活書寫與思考的筆始終停不下愛好自由的人 終於飛向藍天擁抱最自由的空氣 因為鄉村的不穩與朋友的推薦 Jenny的生活省思與知識布落格已遷至自由無限的"天空" 歡迎舊雨新知,不吝指教,一直以來為Jenny 打氣,鼓勵默默支持的版友,同學,朋友,長輩們..真的謝謝了!! (鞠躬) 往後天空和鄉村還是儘量同步呈現生活心得 而schoene Welt 變成完全的體育知識倉庫 知識 blog預訂在八月左右,Jenny 的學位論文付梓後開張,在知識的天空泅泳,開展與探索!!Jenny 自由的天空:

Samstag, Mai 28, 2005

drei klar Lagen

各位有想我嗎? 這次貼文是要貼一個重要的心得感想, 因為schöne Welt 總是我存放重要資訊和文章的地方!! (如果我有的話?!我的) 癢沐者可要一百萬個注意了, 因為本來我向來都只問緣分, 不談什麼條件不條件的, 後來發現, 我必須要給自己在人生路上有三個提醒, 那就是, (如果我有) 一個他, 那他是誰? Wer sind sie? Sie muss sind.... 1.好/溫和的脾氣 (草食動物)
2.真正開放/自由的心靈 (絕非守舊的保守主義分子/進化的保守主義
也不行)-- 給我尊重,空間和自由
3.是男的 Ist es klar?? *^^*

Dienstag, Mai 24, 2005


TO DEAR ALL: 我最常用也是最喜歡使用的個人生活記事網站: 台灣鄉村, 最近發生無法登入的情形, 而Jenny 的論文寫作也到了最後中的最後一刻,因此我決定和各位讀者相約暑期在新的知識主題blog相見( 網址會公佈在此與設法公佈在原鄉村站 ),畢業後,千頭萬緒,必須短期內重整、決定、訂定新計劃及再度上路出發,當然也要好好地讓身心好好休息一小段日子,慰勞自己的辛勞,謝謝各位讀者對小妺的關懷,暫別是為了下一次的聚首,期待儘快呈現給大家,畢業後元氣滿滿和開始探索新知主題的全新自己 ^^

Sonntag, Mai 22, 2005

My Pace

談完了My Tempo之後, 發覺人生在世, 應該找到my pace, 按自己的步調去走因為終其一生, 我發現周遭的人永遠會拿無聊透頂的"典型"問題來(質)問你, 這些問題, 有時候可愛溫暖地像純粹的關心,有時候例行如常地像儀式, 有時候侵犯惡劣地像挑釁..比如說當你還沒入學的時候,別人就會問你, 什麼時候考試? 考得上嗎?當你已經是學生的時候, 別人就問你, 什麼時候畢業? 什麼時候寫完論文?當你畢業了以後, 別人就問你? 你要找工作嗎? 你要出國嗎? 什麼時候出國?當你還在三十以前的人生顛峰, 你有女/男朋友嗎? 什麼時候結婚?當你結婚了, 他們問你, 什麼時候要生小孩?當你有小孩了, 他們問, 你的小孩要讀什麼學校,有沒有要去雙語幼稚園? ........這些問題, 看似重要, 實則根本是bullshit人們有問不完的典型問題, 不停地質問別人,自己也不停為這些nonsense所困擾, 倍感壓力,思想精力關切和這些廢言廢語糾纏在一起終其一生不得自由 最後在意得連自己也瑣碎煩惱得變得和這些垃圾問題一樣地垃圾我可能會很溫和有禮地回答這些空洞的問題, 但是真正答案永遠只會在我的心中,我最頂級的那台PDA: 我的想法裡, because that is my own pace..世界要的不過是一套像7-11一樣 二十四小時運作如常的Q & A , 人們真正想聽的,其實不是你心裡真正的想法, 而是讓他們感到的安心的回答, 這樣他們才相信地球自轉如昔, 太陽仍然東昇西落..第三次世界大戰還沒有爆發.. 真是無聊透頂的世界